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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Reshape A Small Business

Though artificial intelligence is a common term, small businesses are still unfamiliar with it. The reason is that most of the small business owners are hesitant to use the power of AI as they feel it is expensive and will not fit into their budget. Some of them think that using technology requires technical assistance which is not easily affordable.

However, it is just a myth that AI is suitable for only Fortune 500 organizations. Small businesses can also explore the potential of technology and streamline their business operations.

Here, we discuss three ways through which AI can bring a transformation in such businesses.

1. AI can speed up recruitment/lead generation process

Sorting out resumes can be a significant area of concern for recruiters or lead generators. You can be a startup, an insurance agent, a financial advisor or a recruiter. Your focus is to get relevant candidates and generate quality leads to make your business profitable. However, managing resumes and extracting information from the same is mentally exhausting. Also, with no resources in hand, it becomes quite cumbersome and time-consuming. A resume parsing tool is a right choice for automating this process. It extracts resume information and saves it in the existing ATS/CRM. Choose a low-cost resume parser which requires little investment and is free from technical glitches. A parsing tool with no coding eliminates the need for hiring a programming team. You can efficiently use such a parser yourself merely by following the instructions.

2. AI can help your salespeople in closing more deals

Revenue generation depends a lot on the sales strategy adopted by your business. With the help of AI tools like Chorus, Jog, Gong, sales reps can improvise their sales pitch and close deals quickly. These tools draw a comparison between the calls of various sales reps based on multiple factors such as word choice, time spent on call, etc.

3. AI can help manage day-to-day operations effectively

It’s time to move with the latest technology. Using smart AI apps can assist in scheduling meetings, making invoices, creating operational workflows and automating other business operations.

AI can help small business owners in every aspect of the business, be it sales, HR or marketing. In fact, adopting technology is the best way to expedite each business process.

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