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Small Business: Time to Pull-up your Socks

Website as a recruiting tool

Within the recruitment industry, nothing is more critical than candidate experience. And while you will undoubtedly go to great lengths to find the most experienced candidates on your own. It's also important to remember how any prospective candidate will view you. In this respect, it's worthwhile to keep in mind that qualified job candidates tend to recognize an appealing, professional approach. And during the recruitment and application process, that approach can best be identified through your website, which is effectively the face and entry point to your business. For this reason, it's vital to make sure the website is well-designed and intuitive when embarking on a recruitment effort.

When you're brainstorming ideas for your business website, your main goals are things like wanting it to be approachable and navigable. As your small business grows, you'll need a website early on. But figuring out just how to design the site to accomplish your original goals can be difficult. On the other side, it is also essential for the recruiters to get relevant information about candidates to recruit top talent for the organization. With automation, recruitment has become faster but has also widened the scope of hiring. When we talk about AI, there is a plethora of software available which can be used to find the right candidate. Ten years ago, this trend was just a visualized idea, but now it has become a reality and a prerequisite for conducting each business workflow. AI tools such as resume parser is a software which helps in extracting the candidate data from resumes and saving them in pre-designed fields. As small businesses can't afford an expensive solution, they can choose a parsing software with no coding required.

We're pointing to a few helpful examples and the clear lessons they teach.

Build-in Clear Calls to Action

The focal point of a site like this one for Fork CMS is the open call to action in the lower middle of the screen. With two basic options, the site presents a clear choice without making candidates overthink or feel the need to explore too thoroughly. The candidates can learn more about the program without having to go anywhere from the tagline at the top. To see the examples of what the interface is like from the screenshots at the bottom. If necessary, a candidate can use the buttons at the top to find out more. But ultimately, the site is attractive in its simplicity and makes the candidate click on one of the two main options.

Use Simple Navigation Menus

If you make the navigation too complicated, people will start looking for a site map - or get frustrated and leave. You want to make it easy for your candidates to get around on your site. One way to make things intuitive for visitors is to use basic grid patterns and filter options that make a given page's offerings as bright as possible. This is something we see exemplified by some gaming platforms online if you're looking for examples. This site showcasing free slots does so in clearly defined grids with titles and cover art for each selection on display, intuitive filter options on the side of the page, and an all-in-all crystal-clear approach. We point to an example like this because it's not necessarily beautiful by traditional web design standards. But it's extraordinarily functional, which should be the top priority for a new or small business starting online.

Easy Mobile Access

A robust mobile site can make your small business more accessible - period. Users these days tend to be as likely to browse the web on their phones. Thus, it's essential to make sure your company's site is mobile friendly. In this case, we won't point to a specific existing website. Incidentally, this could result in making your company more appealing to potential job applicants down the road. A strong mobile presence is a decidedly modern feature to your website. Someone who is looking for a job in your company's field is more likely to take an interest if the mobile site presents well. In this case, we won't point to a specific existing site. For example, the popular site builders for amateurs do have built-in mobile editors. Like if you're designing your website, you can ensure on your own that its mobile presentation isn't a mess.

Ultimately, designing a great site will do more for your small business's growth than just about any other one thing you can achieve. With compelling calls to action, simple navigation, and secure mobile access, you'll already be well on your way to an excellent website for visitors and employees alike.

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