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Win Talent War in 2020 More Creatively

In these last few years, I have seen some exciting trends happening in the HR industry. On the one hand, technology has found its way into the HR software while the global internet economy continues to change workforce patterns. Without any surprise, we all know that our work is changing, especially how we engage, recruit, train, and plan strategies for the business.

Hiring is hard, and hiring for start-ups is even harder. To get the top talent, recruiters need to stay updated with the trends to find the right talent. The goal of my blog is precisely to answer the questions you have for future recruitment. This blog will lead recruiters to get a 360-degree view of essential recruitment points and help them in selecting the perfect recruiting technology.

  • Technology Plus Human Intelligence Enhance Candidate Experience: As your business grows, recruiters need to get relevant information about candidates. With technology, new changes are to be delivered to get desired results. Ten years ago, these trends were just a visualized idea, but now they have become a reality. Automation has played an essential role in eliminating bias and improving the quality of hire, especially when recruiters have multiple tasks to take care of. There is much software that can help recruiters to find the best fit for the organization. Tools such as a no-code resume parser help recruiters to screen out the right resumes quickly. It extracts data from resumes and fills up the pre-designed fields, which allows recruiters to shortlist the candidate. These tools will help recruiters to import resumes or jobs into their ATS/CRM quickly. They can set up this import process via an online intuitive interface, which is easy to set up, change, and runs automatically. They can save 100% time from data entry and do more job closings.

  • Gamification in Recruitment Process: Gamification is a prevalent recruitment trend in the recruitment process. It is the concept which uses game theory mechanics to achieve goals. The essential task of a recruiter is sourcing talent and hiring for the organization. Recruiters need to ensure that the candidate skills fit well with the company's requirements and culture. If gamification is applied in the recruitment process, it allows recruiters to test specific skills such as time management, work under pressure, innovative thinking. For example, Dominos launched a game called "create your pizza." In this game, applicants were asked to create their digital pizza with different limitations and get awarded for their sale. Imagine if you adopt this recruitment trend, it will help recruiters to test applicants' abilities.

  • Social Media: Social media recruiting is reaching a point now where HR professionals can proactively do recruitment across all industries. This platform can not only be used for marketing but can also act as a high medium for sourcing and hiring of new talents. This recruiting method is now a vital channel for sourcing candidates and helps in promoting the organization's culture. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook,, etc. are like a directory of the professional organization from where recruiters can find a candidate.

  • Employer Branding: Employer branding has seen changes over the years. To attract talent, companies are creatively shaping their brand reputation as an employer to target their candidates. Building an employer brand shouldn't just be about attracting new talent but also retaining and facilitating your current employees. With strong branding, you are giving a reason for the potential employees to feel great about working with your company.

The recruiting trends play a vital role in strategizing actions to respond to the changes seen and analyzed. Technology is transforming every day, and CandidateZip is a group of technologists who are always keen to tell how we can leverage technology to make the recruiting world better.

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