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Resume Automation can save you from Blunders!

A usual day in a recruiter’s life is full of various tasks. Missing out on a candidate’s submission for a job could be very frustrating.

Lisa a successful recruiter shared her unfortunate experience with us, something that could happen to anyone.

The prospective candidate’s resume was sent to her existing employer. Before she could fix it the damage was already done.

A tiny error is all it takes to lose hard earned reputation.

With the amount of data that runs around in a recruiter's database system. You could very likely be the next Liza.

We know you put incredible effort in what you do. Maybe that's why you should not be taking such risks.

Especially when it can be avoided so easily.

It is because of you, that we are encouraged to build a simple application where you don’t store documents as candidate profile but complete data in CRM/ATS/Database.

CZ is a platform that enables you to run intelligent search on your CRM/ATS/or any other database.

A quick setup that would save you from making costly mistakes.

Liza learnt it the hard way but you don't need to.

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