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5 Small Business Hiring Trends in 2019

Small businesses often have limited opportunities to explore. The reason is they have limited budget and resources to make use of opportunities available. As the year 2018 is coming to an end, a small business can adopt a few hiring trends for having successful recruitment in 2019.

Here is the list of popular hiring trends which small businesses can make a note of.

SMB hiring trends in 2019

1. A Faster Recruitment Process with AI

It is a sheer myth that artificial intelligence is meant for big businesses. It is equally affordable for small businesses too. A resume parsing tool can simplify hiring with just a few clicks. It extracts candidate information from resumes and saves it in the ATS/CRM that you already use. However, go for a no-coding resume parser so that you can use it on your own and do not have to hire someone with technical knowledge.

2. Social Media is Another Popular Trend

According to The Manifest, 92% of small businesses spend their time and money on social media.

Social media has a lot of potential to engage candidates. Candidates prefer to apply for jobs through social channels. LinkedIn is an excellent example of a job search. Candidates, who are active on LinkedIn and continue to grow their professional network, come across various job opportunities.

3. Go Mobile

As more and more candidates are using their mobile phones to search for jobs, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Post jobs on your website and make sure that candidates can view the page on their mobile. Your website version should be compatible with all types of devices so that you can target all the candidates effectively.

4. Make Use of Data

If you feel that recruiting candidates consumes a lot of your time, it’s time to adopt data in recruiting. Get statistics on the best source from where candidates are applying for jobs, average hiring time, data fields and much more. It is the best way to speed up your recruitment process and make the right hiring decisions.

5. Job Descriptions

A clear and precise job description will attract more candidates. Include all details related to the job such as roles and responsibilities, working hours, salary range, required qualification and experience, etc.

Following these trends will surely boost your hiring process.

Which trend are you following? Share with us.

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