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AI for Small Businesses: Is It Worth Investing In?

Are you a small business owner?

Are you hesitant to invest in technology?

Will you use AI if I tell you it is specifically designed for your business?

Artificial Intelligence brings automation into your system and saves your time, efforts and money. This gives you more time for planning other important business activities. However, small business owners are not willing to adapt AI as they feel it would involve a considerable investment.

The question which comes into their mind is:

Is it worth investing in AI?

Check out the following cases which prove AI to be beneficial for small businesses.

1. Hire Faster and Smarter with AI

Automation is the best solution for finding the right talent. Unlike large companies who have tons of sources to attract candidates, small businesses have fewer opportunities to find the right fit. The process of shortlisting candidates from a large pool of resumes can be simplified with the help of a resume parser. You can extract resume information and save it in data fields in your existing ATS/CRM. Choose a resume parser which comes with no code integration. Such parser can be used even by a layman.

2. Make Your Customer Service Effective

Use AI tools to provide excellent service to your customers. Technology can help you in sorting out customer tickets and giving them a prompt reply for their queries. Automated chatbots can talk to your customers on your behalf, reducing the response time and boost customer relationship.

3. AI-driven Marketing Platform

AI is also changing marketing. It can easily take care of data preparation and data analysis. Small businesses can use AI-based advertising platforms to target customers. They can also help in collecting customer data from various channels.

4. Boost Employee Engagement

There are various AI tools available which help you in keeping a check on employee engagement. You can also gather employee feedback on their development needs. To promote a positive working environment, small business owners can easily rely on technology to listen to their team’s views.

Thus, it is advisable to start using technology tools for better productivity. Adopt this wonderful concept and see the results.

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