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Insights from HR Tech Xpo, San Francisco 2019

San Francisco had another major event in the city a few days back. HR Tech Xpo took place on 18th July 2019. This excellent event brought exhibitors and human resources professionals together with an exclusive environment for demos. Speakers took this opportunity to provide in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies to optimize the success of your organization.

Many HR professionals, thought leaders and HR specialists attended this event. Professionals also got the chance to interact with technically advanced solution providers and become a part of an excellent platform which engaged in gaining the product knowledge. There were many speaking sessions and speakers touched a wide range of topics such as AI, which is one of the hottest buzzwords for recruitment nowadays.

CandidateZip has also exhibited in this conference and showcased its unique resume parser plugin. It is a gamechanger in the HR technology industry. People believe that a resume parser features a lot of coding and integration, which can only be used by programmers. But CandidateZip has given a new turn to this belief system by introducing a no coding resume parser.

Imagine what would happen by using this no code resume parser!

It extracts resume data through automation to get relevant candidate data and saves in your ATS/CRM. CandidateZip provides a low-cost solution by parsing multiple resumes in one go and delivering relevant data.

The experience at HR Tech Xpo was overwhelming. The conference has provided thought-provoking sessions, and helped in building networks, and sharing opinions at a single platform. It was a learning experience for us.

HR Tech Xpo was a perfect place to interact with those who knew the best in the industry. Many emerging HR technology companies also participated in this event as a startup. We got an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with Pierre Khamand -Productivity and Leadership Evangelist, Sarah Tang- Research and Design Ninja, Rosanna M. Montenegro – HR Business Partner-SF/ East Bay, Hertz.​

The best and encouraging part of this event was pitch competition, which allows you to introduce your product in front of a global market.

To sum up, it was indeed an amazing learning experience. Such kind of events provides you an excellent opportunity to market your product

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