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Hiring Challenges for Small Businesses

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Tired of facing challenges when you start a business?

We understand your concern. Small businesses have to face numerous challenges while carrying out their operations. They have limited resources and less experience which makes it difficult to streamline business activities. Recruitment is one such area where small business owners face many issues and need to invest a lot of time and money.

What are these challenges and how these can be solved?

Competition with Large Enterprises

Big companies always have a competitive edge over small businesses. When it comes to hiring quality talent, candidates tend to be more interested in big companies. They offer better salaries, benefits and job profile which is not possible in case of small businesses. Thus, surviving in fierce competition is a matter of concern.

Finding the Right Fit

When you post a job vacancy, you receive numerous applications. These applications are a combination of relevant and irrelevant resumes. But sorting them out and shortlisting candidates is a cumbersome task. If you do not have a hiring manager in your company, you have to manage hiring along with other business operations.

Less or No Experience

Inexperience can delay decisions or create wrong decisions. Company owners cannot distinguish between a good and bad hire. Knowing the criteria for good hiring is very important. Decisions taken with less knowledge are never beneficial for the organization in the long run.

Convenience Hiring

This concept is usually followed by start-ups where they hire just because hiring a candidate is cost-effective. No emphasis is laid on hiring based on skills and experience.

However, these challenges can be easily solved. Using technology is the best way to overcome these issues. Startups and small-scale businesses are usually skeptical while buying a software as they have low budget and do not have technical know-how to use the software.

CandidateZip is the best fit in such a situation. This low-cost resume parser extracts data from resume and stores the same in your ATS/CRM. It does not require any coding which eliminates the need of hiring a technical person before buying a software. A layman can use it easily with one-time quick setup. A major advantage of using CandidateZip is that it can be easily integrated with more than 4000 ATS/CRM such as Bullhorn, Zoho, Salesforce, Nimble and 1000+ input sources like Gmail, Dropbox, Gdrive.

Parse resumes by using Zapier or Workato and streamline your recruitment process.

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