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Got Stuck? Try These Recruitment Strategies To Streamline Your Hiring.

recruitment strategies for small businesses

Today finding quality talent is a top priority for many small businesses. However, if you notice, there are several challenges you face while hiring candidates. A limited budget is one factor which stops you from using the best tools available in the market.

What if I talk about certain recruitment strategies which can speed up your recruitment process?

I am going to talk about a few points to ramp up your hiring technique.

1.Resume Screening: You receive numerous resumes for a job position. List down those candidates who had previously applied with your organization but didn't make it to the final cut. How can you shortlist the best from all of them? A resume parser tool is a solution. To shortlist these resumes, you can use a resume parser which extracts resume information in the data field. Use a no-coding parser which can be easily used by a layman. This will accelerate the recruitment process and save time. It will be the best way to streamline the process and find the best fit for the organization.

2. Phone and Video Interview: In a tight labor market, you don't have months to Hem and Haw. If you wait, your competitors will slip inside and lure candidates. By conducting phone and video interviews, you can list down the candidates who are a good fit for you. Using video conferencing services such as Skype, you have the added benefit of evaluating candidate’s interest in business etiquette, professionalism, speaking ability, etc.

3. Referral: In recruitment, a referral is considered as one of the most productive strategies. Set a winning slab, for example, give incentive to employees who refer ten people, four of whom are hired in the six months. Referral strategy is effective as it is:

a) More affordable for hiring.

b) Employees stay with the company for the longest time.

4. Social Media: Social media recruitment is an excellent HR strategy to attract active and inactive job candidates. As companies start to target millennials, social recruitment is becoming increasingly popular. It is all about using social media to find talent, advertise jobs and communicate with potential candidates.

Using the above-mentioned tips, you can ensure that you have an effective recruitment process. Now hiring the best talent is super easy.

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