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Are You Hiring on Your Own?

Hiring the Right Fit

I have a few questions for you.

  • Have you just started your business?

  • Are you recruiting without an HR?

  • Do you have a limited hiring budget?

And my final question is:

Are you hiring on your own and looking for an easy way to hire the right talent?

If yes, spare some time and read this article.

Hiring challenges is a primary concern for small-scale businesses and startups. Let’s list out a few challenges every small business has to face.

  • No experience in hiring candidates often results in wrong decisions. Hiring a bad fit can cost a lot to the company.

  • Finding out the right candidate from numerous resumes is a daunting task.

  • In this process, recruiters lose focus from assessing candidate’s skills and expertise.

The answer to these challenges is introducing automation to the recruitment system. But is adopting automation easy? While finding a solution, recruiters often come across these challenges/questions:

  • Sorting out resumes is time-consuming.

  • Uploading resumes to ATS/CRM manually seems like a never-ending process.

  • How to bring automation to the system?

  • Investing in a resume parser is expensive.

  • How to use a resume parser without technical help?

But do you know that just one solution can solve these challenges?

I am talking about CandidateZip here.

Bring automation into your recruitment process and streamline your work operations.

CandidateZip has transformed the concept of resume parsing. A resume and job parsing plugin, it can be used without the need for coding. Thus, it eliminates the need to waste time and money on hiring technical staff. Now extracting resume details in data fields is just a click away.

The unique aspect of this plugin is that there is no need to change your current ATS/CRM. CandidateZip connects with 300+ ATS/CRM such as Google Sheets, Nimble, Bullhorn, Salesforce and many more. Mention a source, and you can easily parse a resume from it. The plugin connects with 100+ sources such as Dropbox, GDrive, Gmail, etc.

The steps for parsing resumes are easy to follow. Parsing can be done by creating a zap on Zapier and a recipe on Workato.

Start availing the benefits of this resume parser with a simple sign up.

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