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Fueling Small Business Through Innovations

AI for small businesses

The key to any successful business, regardless of its size, is innovation. Developing new ideas is like a fuel that will keep your business up to date and more competitive. Moving the innovation process fast on the track promotes creative thinking in your company. It will also boost your employees’ enthusiasm and motivate them.

Here Are Some Insights About the Innovations:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has completely transformed the way recruitment takes place. AI accelerates the recruitment process, removes manual tasks and makes recruiters more productive.

This is how technology can help your business:

a) Parser: A resume parser simplifies the recruitment process. It extracts data from the candidate’s resume and makes the information available in data fields. You can save the same in the ATS/CRM you already have.

b) Chatbots: From time to time, questions about company policies, health care, standard operating procedures, and more can come up, but it is not necessary that you want your HR staff to spend most of their time. Fortunately, new HR Chatbots are being developed to help your recruiters focus on other activities as chatbots can answer the queries of candidates.

2.Marketing Trends

There are some suggested ideas about what we expect from marketing trends.

What if you have to stay focused, create conversations and increase conversions? It is a big question but paying attention to what is on the horizon can provide insight.

Here are a few trends for marketing:

a) Video Marketing: Content is still the king. Social content, reviews, blogs, papers, and e-books are still important aspects of marketing. But how about marketing your product by creating videos? Create a video, include your story, your product info and promote it through emails, social channels, etc.

b) Social Media Marketing: Use social media to connect with consumers, not to blast messages. Create an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. and promote your products and services. It is one of the fastest ways of reaching a mass audience.

c) Email Marketing: Marketers need to engage with their audiences in a very personal way while staying on budget. Create effective emails to connect with their prospects and customers in a highly targeted way. This ensures better ROI for the business.

If you want to move ahead and have the edge over your competitors, it is essential to adopt the best business practices. Instead of sticking to the general strategies, always look for new ideas that will improve business.

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