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Top 7 Time-Saving Tools for Small Businesses

Managing a small business is always challenging. The main reason is that each operation is managed single-handedly.

There are many free online software which help you in developing your business and simplify your marketing and management processes.

Let's scrutinize a few tools I am going to mention that affect small business growth.

1. Human Resource Software: Technology has given a new direction to recruitment to get quality talent. The traditional method has taken a back-step with the introduction of new tools and solutions. Now, companies have better opportunities to add value to their talent pool. But with the right tools, you must know about the right direction. Human resource management tools have drastically changed the hiring process of the industries; they have automated the HR process.

Sharing a few free HR software

a) Bitrix24: It is the best small business management platform which includes more than 35 tools such as CRM, marketing, project management, HR, etc. Bitrix24 is a great one-stop shop option for small businesses. Bitrix24 allows users to set up email marketing campaigns, manage documents, track workers' tasks, plan projects, and much more. This makes Bitrix24 one of the more diverse and robust free systems.

b) CandidateZip: When it comes to recruitment, a resume parser is what every recruiter needs. It extracts resume information into data fields and saves in your ATS/CRM. Using a no-coding resume parser requires no investment, technical staff or technical knowledge. You need to follow a few instructions and can parse resumes on your own.

c) WebHR: WebHR has a wide range of HR functionality, including tracking personnel, absentee management, time and attendance, payroll, and its base modules. This tool allows you to have social collaboration features as well.

2. Marketing Tools: Marketing creates a communication opportunity between you and your customers. Businesses use different marketing tools to convey information about the company, to encourage customer's interest and to act. An integrated marketing approach implements several strategies to engage customers and create a business.

a) MailChimp: MailChimp is one of the most trusted names in email marketing and allows a free plan which you can use until you have less than 2,000 people in your list.

b) Google Analytics: Google Analytics website is a free tool designed to track traffic and audience's behavior. It is easy to install, free to use and should be a good use for SEO marketers.

3. Cash Flow Management Tool: As an entrepreneur, you must keep updating yourself on your cash flow every day. Few benefits of using accounting software which let you track your financial status, allow you the ability to monitor your income and forecast your cash flow.

a) Cushion: Cushion aims to provide better insight and awareness. With Cushion, you can visualize your program, measure your income, and track your expenses - so it is everything along with cash flow management that helps you plan your time.

b) Google Docs: Google Docs offers many different user-generated templates that help individuals and businesses with cash flow management. These free tools are not sophisticated like paid platforms, but they can provide a simple introduction to tracking, monitoring, and forecasting case

The time has come when you need to get new skills to be ahead of your competition. Technology can only bring changes when it is implemented correctly and if you want to get real value from your business, then technology is the key to achieving it.

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